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Product line

Condicioner CH

Information about product:
Product is intended for the manufacture of wheat-rye and rye-wheat bread. Balanced complex bakery enzymes with oxidative agent increases the stability and extending the workability of bread dough. In baked bread is achieved significantly greater and better vault. When you use the product, a higher yield is achieved. Product is usable for the production of classical swollen rye bread leaven as well as using other technologies that use the loosening yeast. CH conditioning does not affect the taste of the finished product.

Wholemeal wheat flour, premix of bakery enzymes, a substance improving flour E300.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, weighing 30kg.
Store in cool and dry.

The period of minimum durability is 6 months.

The recipe for 14 pieces:

 Condicioner CH    0.1kg
 Smooth wheat flour  6kg
 Rye flour T 930  4kg
 Water  6l
 Yeast  0.4kg
 Liquid fermet  0.2kg
 Salt  0.1kg
 Total amount  16,8kg

 Technological process:

 Mixing:  4 min slowly
   6 min fast
 Maturing of dough:  10min
 Dough temperature:  27 - 30°C
 Swelling  45 - 50min
 1. temperature  230°C/10min
 2. temperature  210°C/30min

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