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Product line

JH Doughnut

Information about product:
Combination is intended to prepare doughnuts. The product is characterized by fine-porous smooth crumb with fine specific aroma and a significant color of crust. Feature of the product is very little absorption of oil during frying. The resulting low fat in the product, along with replacement of sugar by sweetener Aspartame allows to a product to achieve reduced energy content than that of the classic recipes. After cooling the product is stable enough so that endure even in a blister packaging.

Wheat flour, soy, malt, sugar, potato starch, emulgators E472b, E322, E471, milk powder, whey powder, premix bakery enzymes stabillizator E466, E412, salt, sweetener E951, lemon aroma, vanilla aroma, dye (E514, E102, E110 , E124).

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, weighing 15kg.
Store in cool and dry.

The period of minimum durability is 6 months.

The recipe for 950 pieces: 

 JH Doughnut mixture  6kg
 Smooth wheat flour  10kg
 Grain wheat flour  10kg
 Egg blend  4kg
 Water  7.5l
 Yeast  1.4kg
 Oil  1l
 Total (dough)  39.9kg

Technological process:

 Mixing:  4 + 8min
 Dough temperature:  25°C
 Maturing of dough:  10min
 Swelling of dough:  45 - 50min
 Frying, 1st step  2.5min
 Frying, 2nd step  2min
 Frying, 3rd step  1min
 tt frying pans  175°C

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