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Information about product:
Combination is intended for the production of pastry with a high content of potatoes. The mixture is added to flour in the preparation of dough. Successfully used in the manufacture of hand, as well as in industrial lines. The optimal result is achieved if the surface of products is decorated with loose mixture garlic JH MIX. Finished products have a strong potato flavor and smooth moist crumb.

Wheat flour, dried mashed potatoes (potato flakes, stabillizator E450, emulgator E471, coloring E100, antioxidant E304), wheat semolina, extruded maize meal, wheat starch, salt, inactivated flour from white lupines, powdered whey, kurkumin dye E100.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, weighing 30kg.
Store in cool and dry.

The period of minimum durability is 6 months.

The recipe for 63 pieces:

 Bamburin  1kg
 Smooth wheat flour  2.3kg
 BP6  0.033kg
 Water  1.65l
 Yeast  0.115kg
 Total amount  5.098kg

Technological process: 

 Mixing (slow + fast):  8 + 2 min
 Dough temperature:  20°C
 Maturing of dough:  10min
 Swelling of dough:  60min
 Temperature / time:  240°C/10min

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