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AFRO apple filling extra

Information about product:
The ready-made filling is intended for filling all kinds of short pastry and selected kinds of confectionery products. As the contained preservative is its operational component, it can be used even in products with short durability. The structure of the filling is made by an optimal combination of stable modified starches and water-soluble fibre. The content is easily workable and stable. Apple cubes, which retain their shape, are used in the filling, due to which the content has a marked proportion of visible fruit pieces, imparting the product a delightful taste. The taste of the filling is accentuated with light acidifying and adding ground cinnamon.

Water, neutral substance (sugar, starch (potato, maize), CMC E466, potassium sorbate preservative E202, sodium benzoate E211)), dried apples min. 95 g / kg, sugar, citric acid E330, vanilla aroma, apple aroma, ground cinnamon.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in plastic buckets, 10 kg each.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Minimum durability is 6 months.


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