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Product line

JH Hradecka T

Information about product:
This mixture is intended for the preparation of more grain bakery products. Ingredients used have a high proportion of cereal husks imparting the products a high content of plant fibre. Granulation of the respective ingredients is chosen with the intent to use the mixture both in the manual production and in the processing on the mechanized production lines. To enrich the structure of crumb in finished product, a share of crude particles of roasted soya and flax seed is incorporated in the mixture. Pleasant taste of roasted cereal products and darker colour is provided by the addition of finely ground roasted barley malt.

Wheat bran, rye grit, soya roasted pulp, oat flakes, roasted barley malt, wholegrain wheat flour, flax seeds.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, 25kg each.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Minimum durability is 6 months.

The recipe for 245 pieces:

 JH Hradecka T   2.5kg
 Wheat smooth flour    10kg 
 BP 6-4  0.1l 
 Water    6l
 Oil  0.4l
 Yeast  0.4kg
 Salt  0.20kg
 Total amountof dough  19.6kg
 Waste during baking  15%/kg
 Weight after baking  16.66kg

Technological process:

 Mash  Yes
 Temperature of mash water  50°C
 Swelling approx.  2 hours
 Duration of blending (slow + fast)  4 + 6 min
 (fat added after each 2mins of slow blending)  
 Temperature of dough  27 - 30°C
 Dough maturing  10 min
 Yeasting  50 - 60 min
 1. temperature / duration of baking  
 (depending on oven type)  235°C / 13min

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