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Protvaj LP20

Information about product:
Protvaj LP 20 is a natural product obtained by grinding the seeds of white lupine on which is thermally suppressed the activity of enzymes. This product by the chemical composition of protein, lecithin, fat and starch corresponds to the nature of powdered egg blends. Protvaj LP 20 serves as a partial and less demanding applications such as full reimbursement of dried eggs. Successfully used in restaurants in the production of meat products in preparation proofed dough to oilying surface of bakery products, etc. especially where it is required natural emulsifying effect of lecithin. The use of the product increases the biological value of the addition of a significant proportion of protein and vegetable oil.

Enzymatically inactivated flour from white lupine.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, weighing 25kg
Store in cool and dry.

The period of minimum durability is 12 months.

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