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Product line


Information about product:
Pasty product, which can be used for basic adding lemon taste to bakery, confectionery and other products. Fruit base consisting of apple puree is flavoured by identical natural lemon flavour with a strong accent from the peel of ripe fruit. The final effect is completed by marked acidification by citric acid. Due to carefully chosen concentration of aromatic agents the optimal dose for flavouring usual products can be expressed in measurable percentage.

Water, sugar, sterilized apple pulp, starch, citric acid E330, lemon aroma, potassium sorbate preservative E202.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in PET bottles with a capacity of 5 or 10 l, and in plastic containers
with capacity of 30 kg.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Minimum durability is 6 months.

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