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Tvarmix Z

Information about product:
Tvarmix Z, curd stiffener, is intended for the preparation of the standard curd filling into the short pastry. It allows high addition of technology water and ensures that the finished content is economic. Ready-made content has a fine creamy homogeneous structure. The content is, as it is typical for curd products, pleasantly sour and slightly aromatic. When baking, the filling froths slightly, so the decline in volume of pastry is minimal. This allows the use both in open shapes like in cakes, and in closed pies or rolls. If required, you can adjust the taste and smell by simply adding lemon paste.

Sugar, starch (potato and corn), egg white powder, dried whey, DP 73 (glucose syrup, solidified vegetable fat, emulsifiers E471, E472a, milk protein, stabilizer potassium phosphate E340), citric acid, salt, vanilla aroma, beta-carotene E160 dye, butter aroma.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, 15kg each.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Minimum durability is 6 months.

The recipe for 20 kg of filling:

 Curd 10 kg 
 Water  6 litres
 Tvarmix Z  4 kg
 Total  20 kg

Technological process:
Pour water and curd in a pot and slowly mix around for 5 minutes. Then, while stirring constantly, add Tvarmix Z slowly and finish by blending all ingredients at slow speed.

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