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Vanilla cream

Information about product:
The mixture is designed for a quick preparation of vanilla cream for filling bakery products, both before and after baking. The optimal combination of modified starch swelling in cold with a stabilizer on the basis of soluble fibre guarantee high stability both in shape and in weight for the finished cream. The taste of the cream is made by a combination of milk share and naturally identical vanilla aroma. Cream is suitable for use as a pudding or as an ingredient of fat creams after adding water.

Sugar, corn starch, skimmed milk powder, dried whey, stabilizer CMC E466, vanilla aroma, dye.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags with a waterproof insert 15kg each.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Minimum durability is 6 months.

Recipe for 8.2 kg of filling:

Vanilla cream  2.2kg 
Water 6 litres
Total 8.2 kg

Technological process:
Pour water in a pot and slowly add the cream, while stirring constantly. Whisk all ingredients together for at least 5 minutes.

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