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Product line

BP6 - 4

Information about product:
Classical improver for the preparation of all types of wheat bread. As an emulsifying is used a combination of monoglycerin and datem produced from vegetable oils. Enzyme component in addition to amylolitic active enzymes that affect the speed of breaded and final volume of the bread folders, which reduce glutinosity, increase yield, enhance stability and thus prolong the duration of the dough. The product also contains a significant proportion of malt flour, which creates a pleasant taste of pastry. Product enables the achievement of large volumes and also significantly slows the progress of aging, so that the products have a longer time maintain an acceptable smoothness.

Smooth wheat flour, emulgators E471, E472e, wheat malt flour Diasta, premix of bakery enzymes, a substance improving flour E300.

Packaging and storage:
The product is packed in paper bags, weighing 30kg.
Store in cool and dry.

The period of minimum durability is 6 months.

The recipe for 3153 pieces:

 BP6 - 4  1kg
 Smooth wheat flour  100kg
 Oil  5l
 Water  50l
 Yeast  4kg
 Sugar  2kg
 Salt  2kg
 Total amount  164kg

Technological process:

 Mixing:  4 min slowly
   5 min fast
 Resting of dough:  10 - 15 min
 Swelling of dough:  approx 50min
 Baking  235°C/13min
 (depens on the type of oven)  

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